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Welcome to Strategi-X Skills

Providing you with all the benefits of tailor made skills and B-BBEE strategy development and execution.

Partnering with you to entrench your business strategy within Learning, Development and B-BBEE

Employment Equity advisory services

Turn-key training solutions

Services offered

Develop a unique Skills Development and B-BBEE strategy that works for your business

Assisting in ensuring legislative compliance with SD and Providing comprehensive training management services

Managing all learnerships, Internships and skills programs

Comprehensive Skills Development(SDF) services, including submission of WSP/ATR

Skills audits

Assisting with DG grant applications to SETA

Facilitation of training

Product Information

• Conducting Job and Skills Audits

• Conducting Training Needs Analysis

• Design of Programs: Probation Management, Performance Management

• Developing of a Talent Pipeline

• Designing of Induction Programmes

• Evaluation on Impact of training conducted

• Identifying of Relevant Programmes to bridge the skills gap

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